Easy Fizz, previously MinnecO2

Our Story

Our story and business was built out of necessity, as we were struggling to find a quick way to swap out our own canisters locally during Covid.  All the big box stores had been sold out for months and the online services charged for shipping.  Jay also incidentally lost his ability to work when he sliced his hand pretty bad on a job site.  We had some friends that also couldn't get their canisters filled locally so Jay decided to see what it would cost to do it himself.  We invested in some equipment and got rolling.

​We are locally based in the Twin Cities and always include delivery as a part of our prices.  If you happen to live further out from the Cities, we ask that you order at least 4 canisters at a time to cover the additional mileage.

Thanks for checking us out and we hope to earn your business! 

 Jay, Emily, Lincoln, August, Titan & Apollo

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